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Guitar Roadmap
This is the beginning of the guitar roadmap course. I am just starting to build it, so it will change and evolve. Feel free to check it out in the meantime, and if you have any ideas for questions or exercises to include let me know! – Miles
Guitar Basics
Some helpful guitar info.
Lead Guitar System
A guide to playing Pentatonic, Diatonic, Blues, Harmonic Minor scales, and Modes in any key.

Chord Theory System
A simple but powerful system for quickly mapping out the chords in any major or minor key.
Correct playing technique is one of the central pillars of good guitar playing.
A small but growing collection of song tutorials.
12 Bar Blues
An intro to Blues in the key of A
Strumming Patterns
A collection of strumming patterns, using the pendulum principle.
A handy reference for guitar chords
Song Breakdown
A handy reference for guitar chords
Fingerpicking Patterns
Coming soon: a step-by-step guide to fingerpicking patterns!
Double Stop 3rds
A handy trick for melodies and improvisation.