Roadmap Entries


Setlist: What songs best represent how you want your playing to sound?

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd , “all I can do is write about it”
2. Allman Brothers, “Jessica”
3. SRV, “Texas Flood”
4. Pink Floyd “Wish you were here”
5. Led Zeppelin “Black Dog”
6. Nazareth “Hair of the Dog”
7.Ted Nugent “Stranglehold “
8. ZZ Top “La Grange”

What is your current practice goal?

My goal is to practice 30_ minutes a day at least _5 days a week!

I can make time to practice before work _, or _.after work

What skills are you currently working on?

3. Staying in time ( I start off good, start to enjoy the song and get lost )

What songs are you currently learning?

Songs I’m learning now:
1.SRV “life by the drop”
2. Clapton “Layla “
3. Clapton “Cocaine”

Songs I want to learn next:
1.Allman Brothers “Midnight Rider”
2. Marshall Tucker Band “ Can’t you see”
3. Ac/Dc “The Jack”

How do you want to express yourself musically?
Playing for myself, Playing for friends and family
What musical styles or genres are you currently working on?

1. Southern Rock
2. Blues
3. Hard Rock

Is there a lesson topic or song tutorial you would like me to create? Or an existing lesson that needs to be improved?

One of my main goals is to be able to play along with jam/backing tracks. I want to learn how to improvise over chord changes. On a simple blues song in A, I want to be able to solo there and then coming to the D solo there and the same with the E. I know when the chord changes are coming but can never seem to flow with any improvisation to the next key and tie it all together.