Spanish & Latin Guitar

Spanish Ballad
Beginner friendly Spanish guitar tune. Good for practicing arpeggios.

A beginner friendly Spanish guitar tune.

Am Rumba

Pachelbel’s Canon
Classic tune by Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel.

by Aurora

Mexicana Hermosa
as performed by Natalia Lafourcade.

Classical Gas
by Mason Williams

Arpeggio Study in Bm
by Miles Pearce

Libertango – by Astor Piazzolla
Classic Nuevo Tango tune with existential overtones.

Gotas de Lluvia
Rumba style guitar composition by Miles Pearce.

Vino y Oro
Original composition by Miles Pearce

Pirates of the Caribbean
A swashbuckling adventure song that can be played with the Spanish guitar using picado technique. Theme song from the movie.

Blue Bossa
Classic Latin jazz tune.

More song ideas:
– Greensleeves

Bosa Nova Pattern
– Make video loop
– Am E7 E7 Am chord progression