Comfortably Numb

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Comfortably Numb

This song is great for practicing switching between Pentatonic and Diatonic scales, to get a rock sound (with the Pentatonic) and some sweet melodic moments (with the Diatonic).

It is in the key of Bm. If you were going to play the scale starting on the low E string where would you place it?

This is also a great song for practicing the slide zone on the low E string. Click the button below for scale chart.


The B on the low E string is on the 7th fret. Since we are playing in a minor key, put your index finger on that note.

Pentatonic Scale on the low E string:

Diatonic Scale on the low E string:

Pentatonic Slide Zone on the low E string:

The Diatonic Slide Zone will also work if you’re feeling more melodic: